Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gastropod Structure

This black and white diagram shows the general topography of a gastropod shell. It was drawn from live reference using pen and ink and the labels were added in using Illustrator CS2.

Concert Poster - Pichas Zuckerman

This was a concert poster for Pinchas Zuckerman and the Classical Chamber Enssemble preforming compositions by Johannes Brahms. The concept of the poster was to show Brahms life work (represented by the cluster of his songs titles) was being expressed through this one man (Zuckerman and the ensemble). The poster was done using purely typography and the final was done on Illustrator and Photoshop CS2.

Bird adaptations - Colouration

These illustrations show the adaptations of different bird colourations. They were drawn using lots of photographic references and some live reference. The media used for the illustrations were pencil for the line drawings and then they were coloured digitally in Photoshop CS2 (with an Intuous 3 drawing tablet). The total amount of time that went into this... I didn't keep a log, but i'd say around 35hrs (including research, thumbnails, rough sketches, line drawing, colouring and printing)

Bird anatomy (black vulture - landing position)

This drawing was done in pencil and labelled digitally. The vulture and its landing postures were drawn using alot of photo references.